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(Recruiting is currently on hold) FairyTail is currently recruiting based on available space; and there are spaces available! General requirements include being active, helpful, respectful, fun, level 40+ (flexible) and willing to contribute to the guild. Send a pm to TSSalamander on GuildPortal, or
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New Guild; SoulSociety

TSSalamander, Jul 22, 11 2:26 AM.
I've created/joined a new guild called SoulSociety. It consists of the main bunch of FairyTail and others who have joined us. It was a tough decision, but I've made my choice and I have no regret. I was merely a tool in FairyTail. Only thing that kept me going was you guys, my comrades, my friends. I'm sorry to be leaving but it's hopeless with what leadership we had there. If you'd like to join SoulSociety, pm or send mail to Salamander in game. Hope to see you soon and good luck where ever you end up. 


New Eden Eternal Patch(7/12/11)

TSSalamander, Jul 13, 11 6:39 AM.
Yio, you'll find all the info you need about the new patch in this link:
If not, I'll run through the general new contents. The new patch consists of the new Zumi race and their explorable continent of which I forgot the name of... new dungeons for lvl 50s(I'll be scheduling some guild runs, incase someone needs a certain item), a ranking system has been added, Crystal Altar updated and Archives includes new costumes, mounts, etc... a few bug fixes and a few other problems waiting to be fixed and that's about it for the patch. Since there are more content now in the game, I'll start adding some more events to our schedule, be sure to register and pop in from time to time!


FairyTail Guild Website; Signing up

TSSalamander, Jul 8, 11 6:57 PM.
Yiooo, our website is up and running. To guild members that are registering, let me know your ign or pm in game to let me know that you're registering so I can accept your registration. To guests who wish to browse around or apply for something, we have an open forum available for use; you're also welcomed to join and register to our site, just let me know in game. Have fun and enjoy.



bluephøenix, Jul 8, 11 9:38 AM.
Seraphiel and Salamander are superadmins. They have all rights and possibilities to keep the website online.
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